Bout Me.


I hold a Master of Arts in Fashion Futures from London College of Fashion and have a design background in footwear design. Principles from emerging design inspire me to practice design from new perspectives, and I love to explore the possibilities within sustainability. I am very curious about what shapes us as humans both in our societies as well as through nature, and I find myself working with projects that are related to understanding behavior and identities. 


For me, the most valuable way to gain knowledge is to step into the unknown and become a part of your surroundings. Listen, watch, ask. I´ve had amazing learning experiences as I have traveled and lived in many places. These moments have all taught me invaluable knowledge and awareness, which I incorporate into my everyday life as well as my design practice. 

Epic moments

This list is long, but here are a few of my unforgettable, challenging and most influential moments:

- When I (a former materialist) realized that I want to start changing the system

- When I started to study MA Fashion Futures at UAL London College of Fashion

- The Youth Fashion Summit and Fashion Summit in Copenhagen 2016

- My Masters dissertation

- The Marimekko Designathon 2017

- Starting my own business: CreatingKind


User-centered design. Value-based design. Creative self-development and management. Critical design thinking. Creative sustainability. Co-design. Collaborative problem-solving. Future scenarios. Storytelling. Design for longevity. Speculative prototyping. Concept design. Workshops. Event organization. Photoshoots. Fashion production. 


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Tel - +358 50 355 8261